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6U, 7U, & 8U Rules and Regulations

We follow and comply with the AYSO National Rules and Regulations. You can find these complete rules and regulations here. Below are key highlights, better clarification, or specific adaptions for our region of the rules and regulations. 

I. Match Conduct

B. Duration of Matches

DivisionMaximum Duration of Half
 6U10 minutes
7U20 minutes 
 8U20 minutes 

A game is split into 4 quarters to allow water breaks and substitution of players.  The table show the maximum time allowed for 2 quarters (ex. 6U game is 4- 5 minute quarters).  Each game will have a maximum of a 20 minute training session before the game.

If your game is scheduled for 9:00 AM both teams can train until 9:20. If coaches want, both teams can train together and coaches can take turns doing drills. After your training is done, do your half time treats, then finish up your hour time by splitting the game into 4 equal quarters not exceeding the maximum time allotment per age division.

Coaches having a hard time keeping kids attention can let the kids play their game sooner. It is up to coaches to decide what their players need for player development. If both coaches agree on even just a 5-10 minute training warm up with a game that consists of 4 quarters, 5-10 minutes long in accordance of the maximum duration per half of the age group.

F. Size of Ball

Ball size for each division shall be as follows:

Age DivisionSizeCircumferenceWeight
 6U - 8U323.0 - 25.0 inches10 -12 oz

G. Field of Play

3. The team listed FIRST on the schedule will sit on the NORTH side of the field and the team listed SECOND will sit on the SOUTH side.

4. Spectators shall not be allowed behind the goal lines.

I. Heading the Ball

1.Consistent with the US Soccer mandates on heading the ball, heading is banned for all division players 12U and below.

J. Throw - Ins

1. For 6U, the throw-in is replaced with the pass-in. Opposing players must be at least two yards from the ball until it is kicked.

2. For 7U & 8U, use throw-ins to restart play. 

II. Teams

C. Team Size

  1.  The following are the recommended team sizes:
DivisionPlayers per team on the fieldMaximum no. of team members  Minimum no. of team members
4 - a - side
(No goalkeepers)

E. Balanced Teams

  • Each primary season, every effort shall be made to balance team strengths within each age division.
    • If a team is short players it is expected for the other time to share players. A different player can be provided each quarter.
    • If a team is obviously stronger than the team they're playing, this means only one team is making all the goals, coaches will try to evenly balance both teams by trading players after the other team is up by 4 goals. This is why reversible jerseys are provided.


VI. Players Equipment

A. The team listed first on the schedule will wear the silver side of the uniform.

C. Athletic footwear (with or without cleats) are permissible in all AYSO competitions.  A player is allowed to wear tennis shoes to play.

D. Team members must wear shinguards that provide a reasonable degree of protection, and that are completely covered by their socks, to participate in any practice or match.  The shinguard must be under the sock, this means you cannot put on the sock first, then the shinguard, then pull the soccer over the shinguard. This is NOT acceptable and a coach will ask you to switch the shinguard to completely under the sock.

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