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AYSO Core Soccer Program: Building a Lifetime of Soccer Memories

The AYSO Core Program stands as the cornerstone, providing a platform where youthful enthusiasm, skill development, and joyful experiences converge on the soccer fields. It's within this program that most children develop a deep love for soccer, forging memories that will forever resonate.

At the heart of our core program lies the embodiment of AYSO's Six Philosophies, six fundamental values that underpin all our initiatives: Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship, and Player Development. These philosophies define our ethos, with "Everyone Plays" leading the way.

Within the AYSO family, "Everyone Plays" signifies that no child's soccer journey includes bench-warming. Each young athlete gets the chance to participate, playing a minimum of half the duration in every game. The emphasis isn't solely on victory, but on fostering an enriching experience where sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the spirit of becoming an exemplary teammate and competitor thrive. We believe that honing soccer skills and life skills are intertwined pursuits, and AYSO's core mission is to bring children onto the field, offer them skilled coaching, and instill a love for soccer.

CORE Soccer Program (Ages 4-19) includes:

  • 14 matches (7 in the fall and 7 in the spring): Over 14 weeks of family enjoyment!
  • Trained Referees: Ensuring fair play and a safe environment.
  • Coach Training: To provide our players with top-notch coaching.
  • Supplemental Accident Insurance: Prioritizing the well-being of our participants.

Online registration begins as early as April each year for the upcoming Fall and Spring soccer seasons. This single registration covers both seasons. Soccer fees rise after May 31st. While a spring-only program is no longer available, a wait-list option remains, serving as a pathway to fill vacancies as they arise.

Registration Dates:

  • Fall: May 1st - August 1st (or until divisions reach capacity)
  • Spring: January 15th - March 1st (or until divisions reach capacity)

If a division reaches its maximum player capacity in the fall, we activate a wait list. Registering for this list is free, and we strongly encourage it, as opportunities often open up. We prioritize from the top of the wait list to fill any available spots. During the spring, we contact wait-listed individuals to assess their continued interest, aiming to accommodate them on existing teams or establish new ones.

Program Details:

AYSO Playground3 and underTBD - Practices ONLY$72.50
AYSO CORE4-18Practices determined by Coaches
Games on Saturdays

Discover the joy of soccer within the AYSO Core Soccer Program, where passion, skill, and lifelong friendships converge. Join us today for an unforgettable soccer journey!

Age Chart

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AYSO Division Player Ages Birth Years
19U COED 15-18 2005 - 2008
15U COED 12-14 2009 - 2011
12U 10-11 2012 & 2013
10U 8-9 2014 & 2015
8U 7 2016
7U 6 2017
6U 5 2018
5U 4 2019
Playground 2-3 2020 & 2021

Age Group Soccer Ball Sizes

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AYSO Division Ball Size
15U & 19U COED Size 5
10U & 12U Size 4
Playground to 8U Size 3

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